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        LISOZIMA GRANULAR 100% -         The concentrated force against late blowing

        LISOZIMA LIQUID 22% -                    Of easy dispersion and ready for use

A natural


extracted from

white egg...


... to prevent



Lysozyme is an enzyme extracted from white egg that catalize the breakdown of the union N-acetilmuramic and N-acetilglucosamine of bacterial wall polisaccharydes.

This litic action is highly effective agains Gram+ bacteria ( Clostridium spp ) and agains some Gram- bacteria ( E.Colli, Salmonella spp, Shigella spp, etc...) but do not affect to lactic acid bacteria, because do not change the growth rate nor acidification power nor enzymatic activities ( proteases, lipases, etc..)

Clostridium spp. is responsible for late bloting of cheeses. Lysozyme makes its litic action agains the vegetative form of the bacteria and during its spora germination phase. It is not effective agains spore forms.