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Starter Cultures - L.A.B.

        ARTESANO -           For all types of traditional cheeses.

        DOM BIOSTAR -       Mixture of homofermentative mesophilic strains.

        DEM BIOSTAR -        Mixture of homo and heterofermentative mesophilic strains..

        BTM BIOSTAR -        Mixture of high aroma-producing strains.






La más amplia Gama de Fermentos Naturales preserve

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        STA BIOSTAR -        Specially for Mozzarella and textured cheese.

        JOIN BIOSTAR -       For Yogurt and textured cheese.

        STB BIOSTAR -        Fast Mozzarella production and Pizzacheese

        MIX -                        Mixtures to enhance the best of cheese.

        PROBIÓTICOS B.BIFI & L.ACID - For cheese and probiotic yogurt.

        BIOPRESS -            Increases the shelf life of fresh cheese and  prevents acidification