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Natural Rennet

        NATURAL RENNET POWDER 97P150 - 97/3       Strength 1:150.000.                 The traditional powder rennet

        PREMIUM  LIQUID 94L150 - 94/6                          Strength 1:15.000.                 Guarantee of best yield

        CLASSIC LIQUID 80L150 - 80/20                          Strength 1:15.000.                  High quality natural rennet

        STANDARD LIQUID 50L150 - 50/50                      Strength 1:15.000.



natural rennet ...

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... because

nature do not

need anything


        LAMB RENNET PASTE 80LPS150 - Strength 1:15.000           Liquid paste right for use..

        GOAT RENNET PASTE 80LPP150 - Strength 1:15.000            Liquid paste right for use.

        CALF RENNET PASTE 80LPD150 - Strength 1:15.000            Liquid paste right for use.

        !!! We can offer all kind of natural rennet with different strength and compositions !!!